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Victoria Bruce 

Writer | Director | Media Strategist 

​Victoria Bruce is a writer, director, producer, & media coach. She is the author of four books on topics from volcanoes to international politics. Victoria is a skilled communications director with experience in promoting film and book projects, small businesses, technical and scientific meetings, breaking research and political campaigns and candidates. Victoria has appeared as a host and guest on many television and radio shows including Good Morning America, Larry King Live and NPR's weekend edition and Marketplace.

Laura Seltzer-Duny 

Producer|Director| Media Trainer

Laura Seltzer-Duny has been producing and directing award-winning television documentaries and educational programs for over 15 years. She has filmed and edited hundreds of videos that have aired on PBS, Discovery Channels and primetime TV.  Laura has worked with numerous nonprofits and businesses to create professional, high-quality videos promoting a variety of causes and companies.



Gena Ford 

Web Design & IT Development 

Gena has over 28 years of IT Systems Modernization, Digital Marketing, and Digital Portfolio Management Experience. During her career, she has seen the internet evolve from a concept phase in which it was primarily used for business administration to its transformation with Digital Marketing and becoming the key to success for pretty much every business. ​She’s been awarded several commendations, such as the Women of Color in Government Contracting and the Technical Excellence award from SRA International for her work with transforming the FDA systems for handling all new drug application submissions. 

Jane Zhang

Social Media Strategist | Graphic Designer

Jane studied sciences at McMaster University but later found her calling in design strategy at the Institute without Boundaries. Shortly after graduation, she worked at Kantar, a WPP company as a designer. With her multidisciplinary background, Jane brings together her experience in both design and business communications to drive growth for organizations and teams. Working with multiple platforms, web analytics, market trends, and breaking news, Jane builds customized analytical approaches and cutting-edge game plans that amplify clients’ messages and missions to their clients and stakeholders.

Languages: English, Mandarin.

Jarvin Hernandez 

Cinematographer | Photographer | Video Editor

Jarvin Hernandez is a visual storyteller who adds compelling photography and video additions to custom-designed marketing and communications campaigns for our clients. Jarvin has worked with many organizations, companies, candidates and businesses. He brings a wealth of technical knowledge in cinematography, video, sound, and photo editing. Originally from El Salvador, Jarvin has been living and working in the Washington, D.C. metro area for the past 14 years.

Languages: Spanish, English.​

Al-Tasin Mamoud 

Motion Graphic Designer | Video Editor

Al-Tasin Mamoud is a motion graphic designer who brings many years of experience, passion, and creativity to our clients. He is experienced in animation, VFX, video editing, subtitle/closed captioning, and graphic design. He has worked on hundreds of projects ranging from TV commercials to web advertising, trailers, educational and training videos, cartoon animation, web and app UI/UX animation and design. Al-Tasin specializes in Adobe Creative Suite, Autodesk Maya, Blender and Cinema 4D.

Languages: Bangla, English.

Grace Shim

Digital Marketing | Content Designer

Experienced and driven Digital Marketing with over three years of experience creating compelling content across multiple media platforms and offline. A passion for detail-oriented and creative writing and the ability to adapt Digital Marketing messages for multiple audiences across multiple cultures and platforms. Accustomed to the high level of responsibilities including creating content for a company’s websites, blogs, videos and collaboration with other brands.

Languages: Korean, English

Vishal Narnaware

Digital Researcher | Client Admin 

Vishal has 9 yrs of experience handling Data Entry, Data Mining, Virtual Assistance, SEO, Data Processing, Customer Response, Data Conversion, Administrative and Other Back Office Work Plus Designing (Logo Design, Web-Template Design etc.). Vishal is an excellent researcher who helps clients unearth important data for their communications needs.

Languages: Hindi, English

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