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Review: SELLOUT, An Exposé on the USA's Failure in Thorium Nuclear Energy & Tech Products Us

Victoria Bruce is a scientist and an exciting best-selling author. SELLOUT is about the United States government's decision to not develop the use of thorium for nuclear energy and not support domestic mining and processing of rare earth elements that are vital for many applications in the defense industry, electronics, cancer treatment, special metals, magnets, and lasers. All of this has turned us into a third rate country compared to China in plentiful, environmentally sound nuclear energy and manufacturing of vital defense and high tech commercial products. Not only has our government restricted our industries, but it has also given our very valuable know how to China who now has control of many of our defense technologies. This is a must read for everyone who has a genuine care for the well being of the United States and preservation of world prosperity and peace.

John Shanahan

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