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Victoria Bruce

Media Stratgies

Communications Trainer • Producer  Writing Coach

About Victoria

Victoria is an experienced writer, director, media trainer & publisher who works with individuals and corporations for their writing and video coaching needs and to create compelling media campaigns. She is the author of four books on topics from volcanoes to international politics and a skilled communications director with expertise in technical and scientific topics, international relations, China policy, political campaigns and more. 

If you are interested in learning how Victoria can help with your communications and writing needs, please send an email to or click the link below.

Katherine Haas

Katherine Haas, a retired teacher, Annapolis

Victoria Bruce is an incredibly gifted writing coach! She makes suggestions and comments in the most helpful and gentle manner. Her guidance helps me not only on the piece I show her but in my future writing. I've published more than a dozen stories since I started working with her.

William Oldfield

William Oldfield, Archivist, Maryland

I had a book I wanted to write for 13 years, only after meeting and hiring Victoria did my dreams come true of telling my family story. I even got a book deal as she helped me craft the book proposal and my book recently came out! Victoria also helped with the book's publicity tour. Five stars!

Laura Seltzer

Laura Seltzer, Director, Washington, D.C

I hired Victoria to co-write a script and coach me on social media for my latest documentary film. With her guidance, the writing just flows now, and with her media skills, my film is gaining traction and getting invited to screenings all over the country.

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